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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Red Dot Savings Club? 

The Red Dot Savings Club is a loyalty program that allows you to receive weekly discount advertised in our circular, personalized offers, clip digital coupons and earn Points when you shop at Grand Union locations. You can redeem the points earned for money off items and purchases.

How can I become a member?

You can click “Register” above or text “savings” to 87573. Each of our stores offers an in-store kiosk as well as a terminal at each checkout. Just enter your mobile number at the kiosk or at any terminal and you’ll instantly begin saving.

Can I use my home phone number to register?

We recommend you use your mobile number since the process to verify your mobile number is quicker and easier.  However, you can register using your home phone number at the kiosk or at any terminal. Once registered in store, visit enter your home phone number and click “call me” button, answer your home phone to receive the code to verify your account. Enter the code and login to your account. Add your name, physical address, email address and birthdate, to receive 200 bonus points. Points will be added to your account when you make your first purchase.

Will I receive a Red Dot Savings card?

No, your Red Dot Savings Club membership is entirely digital, which means you do not need to remember to carry a card. At checkout, you simply enter your mobile number at the Terminal.

When do my Red Dot Savings points expire?

Your points will expire 90 days after they are earned. For example, points earned in January will expire in April if they are not redeemed.

What can I get with my points?

When you earn a total of 500 points, you will earn a $5 reward. 

How do I redeem my reward?

When you checkout and enter your phone number, you will see a rewards tab if you have a reward available to use. Click on the reward when you want to redeem it. Your reward will automatically be applied to your transaction.

Does Grand Union offer digital coupons and where can I find them?

Grand Union offers digital coupons to customers who are registered for the Red Dot Savings Club. Digital coupons are paperless coupons that customers can clip to their Red Dot Savings account from, the in-store kiosk, our mobile shopper app or on the terminal at checkout. 

Do I earn points on all items purchased at Grand Union?

Some items sold in-store are excluded from earning points including alcohol, beer, wine, tobacco, pharmacy prescriptions, gift cards, phone cards, postage stamps, money orders, and lottery.